What about Crampons?

Elie Bijou on the use of crampons in the mountain ranges of New York State:
Safest placement? Leave them in the bag in your car and pick up a pair of Stabilicers or Microspikes (Kahtoola)...Sorry.
An accurate assessment of the necessity of traditional crampons while hiking in the Catskills and Adirondacks, including the High Peaks. I would extend the same sentiment to ice axes. The creature that is the ice-climber is really the only person who would find legitimate use for these items.



Adam C. Chapin said...

Remembering those guys who said they had to much gear on, Still need some good snow shoes, what kind did you have again?

Seth C. Burgess said...

MSR Denali Ascents

The "Televator" or heel elevator on this model is very nice for the uphill relief of strain on your calves. Great built-in crampon and saber teeth provide incredible traction on ice and crusty snow.

You'll also need flotation tails. I have 4" tails which I haven't used yet but will for the additional weight of backpacking. I'm guessing you'd be best off to go ahead with the 8-inchers.

Anonymous said...

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