Santanoni Range: A Rainy, Muddy Mess

After climbing Cascade and Porter on 27 June 2008, us boys headed to the Lake Harris Campground outside of Newcomb, NY where we met up with the girls and tented for the night, following the grilling of some Wegmans' prepared burgers!

The next day we drove out to Upper Works and headed in for our first attempt at the Santanoni Range of the ADK High Peaks. It was a failure. We hiked in to Bradley Pond Lean-to by sludging our way through some deepish, wet mud and rain showers. Dropping our full packs there, we back-tracked just a bit to locate the famous sway-backed rock which marks the trail up Panther Brook. We made it almost all the way up Panther Brook when the flooding waterbed and frequent flashes of lightning finally dictated that we turn back. It was quite a tough climb up Panther Brook for Tanner the Golden Retriever as well. Would've been nice to start a drying fire, but no, too wet! Tanner shared his collected mud with all of us that night in the lean-to, making sure to spent some time laying on each of our sleeping bags. Two others who did complete the range over the same time period pitched their personal tents nearby.

Santanoni Range: A Rainy, Muddy Mess - direct link for any of you poor souls still browsing the web with Internet Explorer


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