Five miles of Heaven Baby

Time is always on your side, because in the end either you get busy livin or you get busy dyin. There will always be days where you're on such a mental high that all you want to do is top it or create a feeling equal to if not surpassing a moment of peace. In attaining harmony through physical strain your body feeds the mind. A level once know is now there to pass. This was a good day. Gothics is #1 on the list of favorites. Seen here at end of clip.



Seth C. Burgess said...

Sounds like you were out for a middle-of-the-night, moonlight ski?

Seth C. Burgess said...

Ah, the Lower Great Range trip. Remember talking about continuing on to Saddleback and Basin? I think someone might have mentioned hiking all the way south to Elk Lake and then calling a taxi? Haha.

Seth C. Burgess said...

PS-- My first comment on this post was due to my Internet Explorer at work not being able to display the uploaded Blogger video clip. Without that context clue, I was a little confused, haha.

WORD TO THE FOLLOWERS: Stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer! It is an incredibly awful web-browsing technology. For Windows users, I recommend Google Chrome as a web browser. For Mac users I recommend Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

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