Report Card

After nearly 4 years in the High Peaks, this is the list of the mountains I have climbed so far:
  1. Cascade Mountain
  2. Porter Mountain
  3. Phelps Mountain
  4. Saddleback Mountain
  5. Gothics
  6. Dix Mountain
  7. Algonquin Peak
  8. Nye Mountain
  9. Street Mountain
  10. Big Slide Mountain
  11. Tabletop Mountain
  12. Upper Wolfjaw
  13. Armstrong Mountain
  14. Lower Wolfjaw
  15. Esther Mountain
  16. Whiteface Mountain
  17. Mount Donaldson
  18. Mount Emmons
18/46 = 39%



Adam C. Chapin said...

Have to add that many of those have been peaked more than once.

Seth C. Burgess said...

True, and there's not one of them that I wouldn't climb again...

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