On February 19th 2010 we left for the South Meadow Farm for a night in the Cabin in preparation for a Hike in the Adirondack high peak region. On our way threw Saranac Lake we stop at the Lake Flower Ice castle

A restful nights sleep at the South Meadow Farms Cabin prepared everyone for the day hike up Sawteeth Mt.

On February 2oth Seth Burgess, Jessica Burgess, Carmon De Vito, Snehapriva Rao De Vito, Pragati Shau, Andrew Tsai, and myself arrived at the St Hubets parking area to Lake Rd trail head in the Adirondack Mountain Reserve

.7 miles From the Parking area to the Trail Registry and Ranger Station, the Gate to the Reserve is there to great you on you journey  

 It takes roughly 5 miles down lake road to Lowe Ausable Lake Damn, then another .3 miles to rainbow falls.

 From Rainbow falls its only 1.8 miles and 2100 feet elevation gain  to the 4100 foot Sawteeth Mt. summit


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