Climbing Log: Mt. Redfield & Cliff Mtn.

Mountains Climbed: Mt. Redfield and Cliff Mtn.
Date of Hike: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
Hikers: Seth C. Burgess, Adam C. Chapin, Tanner W. Burgess (People: 2, Dogs: 1)

Trail Conditions: Frozen mud, ice patches on rock at higher elevation.

Comments: We arrived at the Upper Works parking lot late Tues. afternoon and hit the trail shortly thereafter, at 16:40. Having to do the second half of our hiking in the dark, we reached Calamity Lean-to No. 1 around 20:00. I imagine this 4.7 mi. section usually does not take 3 hrs. to do in full daylight. There is a new re-route along Calamity Brook that must be about 1 mile long or so--nicely done and soft on the feet.

Wed. morning we awoke after a good night’s sleep and hit the trail at 08:40. The overnight temperature dropped below freezing, but probably not by much. Adam and I were comfortabele in our sleeping bags in the Lean-to; I set up a small 1-man tent for Tanner (Golden Retriever) to sleep in to help reflect his body heat a bit. The tent seemed to help Tanner as most of the water that collected on him from wading through streams etc. had evaporated by morning. Next cold weather backpacking trip I’ll bring a ground pad for him, also.

We made Colden Dam at 09:42 and reached the herdpath start to Mt. Redfield (across trail from Uphill Lean-to) at 10:45. We made Redfield’s summit at 12:12, were back to the herdpath split to Cliff at 13:42 (marked by rock cairn topped w/ rusted metal scrap), and were on Cliff’s summit at 14:30. On both summits, the air was warmer than the ascent thanks to zero wind and a bright sunny sky. Redfield's summit offered wide open views to the S/SE incl. Cheney Cobble, Allen Mtn., and McDonnel Mtn. From spots on the trail near the summit there are also good views of the McIntyres, Colden, Whiteface, Gray & Marcy, Skylight, and Dix. Cliff's summit offered considerably lesser views, although still decent peeks through the trees at the McIntyres, Colden, Marcy, and Skylight. Views from Cliff that weren't avail. on Redfield included those of Cliff itself on the ascent, as well as a wide open view looking back at Mt. Redfield.

We made it back to Calamity Lean-to No. 1 at 17:08 and back to our vehicle at the Upper Works parking lot at 19:52 (again mostly in the dark).

Special Equipment Required: Headlamp--it gets dark early this time of year. If hiking with a 90+ lb. canine companion, willingness to muscle him/her up some of the steeper rock sections also a must!


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