Algonquin Peak in Winter Adirondacks

Hiking Algonquin Peak on 3 January 2007 was a real milestone for our group. It was an extremely fun adventure--the sum of what an Adirondacks High Peak climb is supposed to be.

Algonquin was the first High Peak ever for Grizzly Adams, and as of 16 December 2009--almost 3 years later--he's at the 46er halfway mark. So Algonquin truly made its mark on one man, that's for sure.

I wish I could have this hike back again. To do it again. Here at we hope you enjoy our video footage of Algonquin Peak in Winter and are either inspired to find Adirondack beauty or adventure for yourself, or celebrate this New York State natural wonder from the comfort of your home. Either way, this mountaintop experience is for the sharing.


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