Windy Wright Peak

On 28 December 2008 during a day of the 4th Annual Lake Placid Trip--organized by Burgess (Mis)Adventures--our group departed the cabin intending to do a short hike to Mt. Van Hoevenberg, which Jess and I had just climbed in October 2008 in quite wet conditions. Somewhere along Route 73 and Adirondack Loj Road this plan changed, with a group majority thinking High Peak. So we set off for Wright Peak, which 4/5 of our group had passed by in January 2007 when we ascended Algonquin Peak at the same time of year with a similar temperature.

Windy Wright Peak direct video link



Adam C. Chapin said...

I love the plan change discussion, wouldn't have remembered that after the 100mph winds on Wright!

Seth C. Burgess said...

Ha, yeah, Joe captured the whole thing pretty well on video.

Gil Burgess said...

Looks like Jess had a nice hike after all!

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