Trip of a Lifetime

The Winter 2009 ski of Avalanche Pass to Lake Colden that Grizzly Adams and I did has brought back to mind the first time I skied that route, and how much of an eye-opener it was to some real, Adirondack-style skiing.

ADK 46R Mark L. DeCracker (#2290) of Lyons, New York led us on that Sunday 4 March 2007 ski that we came to know as A Trip of a Lifetime. The group included Mark, James, Eli, Jess, myself, and 3 others from the Rochester-area (Lindsey, Alicia, Theresa) whom we met at the Adirondack Loj the night before. From the first stay at the Loj itself for most of us (including fireside music and storytelling), to the Chickadees at Marcy Dam, to the hot pot of tea Lindsey made up for us at Beaver Point Lean-to on Lake Colden, it all formed a memorable adventure.

Part 1 (Trip of a Lifetime P1 direct video link):

Part 2 (Trip of a Lifetime P2 direct video link):

Exactly 2 years after A Trip of a Lifetime, tonight seemed a perfect opportunity to reminisce.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I remember wanting to take my skiis off towards the end and just walk it and Mark made me keep them on.

trice said...

definitely was a memorable experience and you guys were a great bunch to make the trip with - I didn't think I'd make it all the way back, but somehow, 'cross frozen waters, through trees and o'er hills, Lord of the Rings theme music included, we made it back. Awesome! :)

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