Noonmark Diner

While I have so many unique experiences of the great Adirondack park and my quest to become a 46er, I want to share with you a little story about a small diner. Seth, Adam and I had just returned from a long day in the high peaks climbing both Cascade and Porter mountains. As anyone who has spent a day hiking knows you build up a tremendous appetite! We had been snacking on granola bars during our hike and were craving a nice hearty meal. Seth had heard of a diner his father-in-law had recommended called Noonmark Diner. After packing up our gear, we drove into Keene Valley on Rt. 73 not too far from the Garden parking lot and came across this diner. Walking into Noonmark Diner, we requested to eat outside on the front porch and enjoy the beautiful afternoon. This could not be arranged so we were seated inside.
We were after all, very hungry and did not really care where we sat. The three of us ordered our meals all consisting of burgers and fries- a fufilling meal after a hard days workout. Adam had also ordered a side of fried shrimp with his meal. The prices were unusually high for a smalltown diner but we needed to be re-energized and a few extra dollars couldn't hurt.
It seemed that our waitress had forgotten about us because an extensive period of time passed before being served. Finally our meals were placed before us. I could not wait to eat! But I was quickly dissapointed. I had never seen such a small burger and quantity of fries ever. For the price we paid I guess I expected to get our money's worth! Unfortunately, this was not the case. As I consumed my pathetic burgur and fries I noticed that they were on the cooler side, this was also true of both Seth's and Adam's meals.
Seth and I had similar experiences with our food, but I would have to say that Adam's side order of fried shrimp was the perfect touch to a memorable experience. The order of shrimp was $6 on the menu. Adam recieved three fried shrimp. At this point it became hilarious. There was nothing to do but laugh. Each small, cold and overpriced meal came to 13 or 14 dollars. With our appetites half satisfied and our pockets empty, we left Noonmark Diner, never to return.



Adam C. Chapin said...

That's the beauty of the Adirondacks, even when you do catch a tourist trap the experiences are memorable, Hey that was the same day we climbed Upper & Lower Wolf Jaw, Armstrong and Gothic right?

aativas said...

Oh I thought it happenes only in my part of the world ... but tourist business economy and mentality seems universal... hope next time u find a better option

Seth C. Burgess said...

Adam, yeah we went to the Noonmark Diner after climbing those peaks in the Lower Great Range. Cascade & Porter were the same trip.

Aativas, you're right, when a business thinks it's the only show in town near a tourist spot it'll just charge whatever it feel like...

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